Onn Chong Inc.
Chartered Professional Accountant
101 - 1358 St. Paul St.
Kelowna BC
V1Y 2E1
Tel: (250) 868 8238
Fax: (778) 478 3551

Onn Chong, C.A.

Onn Chong, C.A. was born and raised in Brunei.

He grew up helping his parents run a small business and also helped run the family farm.

After graduating high school, he came to Canada to further his Education.

He completed his post secondary education at the Okanagan College, and articled as a C.A. student in a national accounting firm in Kelowna.

He received his C.A. designation in 2005. Soon after getting his C.A. designation, he started Onn Chong Inc.

Onn Chong, C.A. is a business owner himself and can understand the challenges a small business owner faces. He hope to utilize what he has learned from his schooling and his business experiences to help his clients.