Onn Chong Inc.
Chartered Professional Accountant
101 - 1358 St. Paul St.
Kelowna BC
V1Y 2E1
Tel: (250) 868 8238
Fax: (778) 478 3551

Onn Chong Inc. is an accounting firm. It was started by Onn Chong, C.A. in 2006. Thanks to the support and referral of family, friends and clients, this company has become what it is today, and continues to flourish.

Our business is to help individuals and small businesses, including incorporated businesses, with their bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs.

We help clients with problems as small as deciding between investing or paying down a mortgage, to making major decisions, like business acquisition.

Onn Chong Inc. is a growing accounting practice, and welcomes new clients. If you are looking for an accountant, feel free to contact Onn Chong, C.A. directly at (250) 868 8238.